1. All Club members must be financial, and riders must also hold a current AusCycling licence.
  2. It is recommended that all racing members belong to an ambulance fund. The Club accepts no responsibility for ambulance and/or medical costs.
  3. Riders must obey all current Victorian road rules at all times.
  4. When marshals display the red flag to riders, all riders must stop until the red flag is withdrawn.
  5. Any rider or riders ignoring a red flag may be disqualified and/or fined.
  6. Approved crash helmets must be worn at all times.
  7. Bikes must be fitted with two efficient brakes.
  8. Tubular tyres (singles) must be securely stuck to the rim.
  9. Having entered an event, it is the rider’s responsibility to ensure the entry money is paid, whether or not he/she competes.
  10. At the start of any race, riders must line up on the extreme left of the road, positioned no more than two abreast.
  11. At the start of any race, all riders must have one foot on the ground, except in the case of an individual time trial where a rider may be held at the start.
  12. Once riders are in the starter’s hands all other riders, still warming up, must do so behind the start line.
  13. Unless otherwise advised (before the commencement of any race), riders are to keep their finishing sprint to the left side of the road and obey the following rules:
  14. When sprinting to the finish line any rider/s that cross over the centre white line or ride in any position contrary to the accepted boundaries of the course, may be fined and/or disqualified.
  15. Any rider/s who force/s other riders over the centre white line shall be deemed to be the offender/s, and may be disqualified, if in the opinion of the Referee and Stewards, any advantage was gained, or disadvantage caused to other riders, due to careless and/or dangerous riding.
  16. In finishing sprints, all riders will maintain both hands on the handlebars at all times. Hands-in-the-air victory salutes are NOT permitted.
  17. In scratch races/criteriums a rider/s cannot mingle with a rider/s being overtaken. It is the responsibility of those riders being overtaken to ensure that this rule is adhered to.
  18. In any race where a section is neutralised, riders must proceed at the speed of the slowest rider.
  19. In a handicap riders are expected to do their share of the pace making where possible.
  20. In out-and-home races, riders not going to the turn but returning with any bunch, must remove their number and take no further part in the race by remaining at the back of the bunch or riding alone.
  21. Any rider on being fined for any infringement will not be permitted to start in any race until that fine is paid.
  22. Any rider, on being penalised for any infringement, has the right of appeal within 30 minutes on payment of $50, which amount may be forfeited if the Appeals Committee considers the appeal frivolous.
  23. Failure to obey any of these rules can lead to riders being fined, disqualified, or both.
  24. Notwithstanding all of the above, the Referee’s decision is final.
  25. Toilet Behaviour: Police are concerned at cyclists’ toilet behaviour which may reflect on the issuing of Police Permits for road races. Officials have been instructed to impose substantial ($100 and four weeks suspension) fines on riders seen urinating in public areas at race starts or finishes, or any built-up areas throughout the race. Along the road riders requiring a “natural break” must exercise discretion and do so away from any public eye.
  26. Only Race Officials’ cars are permitted to follow the race.

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