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Our Victoria Police permit states that:

  1. Marshals are to be suitably identified and must wear bright coloured safety  jackets.
  2. Marshals are to be provided at all points where conflict with other road users may occur.
  3. Marshals may only stop cyclists – not other road users. Marshals may not obstruct traffic in any way.

All marshals rostered on the day must report to the Duty Coordinator not less than 30 minutes before the start of the race.

All marshals will be provided with a road traffic sign and a bag containing instructions, safety vest, red and green flags, a whistle and pad and pen to record race numbers.  The road sign is to be placed in such a position that motorists entering the circuit will see that racing cyclists will be on the road.

The role of marshals is to control the safety of the riders at the allocated corner. Your judgment as a marshal is not to be questioned by the riders.

Position yourself with regard to your own safety, while still being visible to road users and riders. If you think that it is too dangerous for a bunch to proceed with the present traffic conditions you must stop the riders until it is safe to proceed.  To stop the riders hold the red flag up and sound the whistle provided so that there can be no doubt of your intention (do not use the red flag for any other purpose).

When it is clear for the bunch to proceed, remove the red flag and direct the riders with your free hand or the green flag. If a rider or bunch refuses to obey your signal to stop, take their number and report it to the Referee or an Official.  It is for their safety. All equipment must be returned to the duty coordinator at the completion of the race.

Swapping your duty

Once rostered in, the roster can not be changed. If the day you are rostered for duty does not suit you for any reason, you must arrange for someone to take your place.  A roster for marshal’s duty is available via the Club’s website.

Should your roster date be inconvenient, please refer to the roster and arrange with another club member to take your place.

To update the marshalling roster to change your roster date, please contact the marshalling co-ordinator Tim Anderson.

If you or your replacement do not fulfil your rostered marshalling duty you will not be permitted to race until you have carried out this duty.