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Tour de Metro series begins this weekend

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The first event in the four-race Tour De Metro series against Eastern Veterans will be hosted by Northern at National Boulevard this Sunday 1 July at 9am.

Northern is keen to win back the trophy which was won by Eastern last year.

Race two is also hosted by Northern at National Boulevard on 8 July with Eastern hosting race three on Saturday 21 July at 2pm in Gruyere in the Yarra Valley and race four on Saturday 28 July at 2pm at Yarra Glen.

There is no racing on Sunday 15 July, but members are welcome to race with Eastern on Saturday 14 July at Casey Fields.

This year’s points system is different to previous years – points will be weighted based on the number of riders in each group as follows:

  • 8 or more riders – 1st 8pts, 2nd 5pts, 3rd 3pts, 4th 2pts, 5th 1pt
  • 6-7 riders – 1st 5pts, 2nd 3pts, 3rd 2pts, 4th 1pt
  • 4-5 riders – 1st 3pts, 2nd 1pt
  • Less than 4 riders – 1st 2pts, 2nd 1pt

Points will be awarded for the team aggregate and individuals men’s and women’s aggregate. Everyone who races in all four events will automatically go into a raffle to be drawn at the final race.

A reminder that a working tail light is compulsory for all ridersĀ – it MUST be visible from 100 metres. You will be denied a start if the referees deem your light is not suitable.