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Racing at National Blvd in Memory of Lindsay Smyrk

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Racing this morning where at National Blvd in memory of Lindsay Smyrk.
All grades started with a lap of honor in memory of Lindsay, and then racing started with ”D” grade starting first which was Lindsay grade at our races. Lindsay joined our club in 2018 at the age of 71 he enjoyed his racing in D grade and also our handicap events.
If there is one thing we can all take from Lindsay, it’s never too late to try something new no matter how old you are.
Congratulations to the following winners and placegetters.
“D” 1. James Stuart 32.62 km/h average speed, 13 laps
2. Steve Pershouse
3. Michael Scragg
“A” 1. Adrian Love 38.34 km/h, 25 laps
2. Troy Clarke
3. Phil Cavaleri
“B” 1. Glen Wright 36.9 km/h, 22 laps
2. Nathan D’Arcy
3. Mark Micallef
“C” 1. Stephen Saunders 36.01 km/h, 18 laps
2. Michael Lewis
3. Phillip Tehan
“E” 1. Henryk Herbec 29.13 km/h, 12 laps
Thank you to all riders and volunteers for supporting this event in memory of Lindsay Smyrk.