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Racing at Nat Blvd 22nd Jan 23

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Graded scratch races this morning where at National Blvd with a back straight finish on Link drive. Well done to club member Jason Manos taking out his first win in “A” grade.
Congratulations to the following riders who finished on the podium.
1. Jason Manos 41.31 km/h average speed, 28 laps
2. Stefan Filonzi
3. Shayne Kirby
1. Glen Grbesa 37.86 km/h, 24 laps
2. Matthew Shields
3. Michael Williams
1. Ian Schofield 35.20 km/h, 20 laps
2. Anthony Grech
3. Maurice Rizzo
1. Peter Ganss 32.99 km/h, 17 laps
2. Neville Williamson
2. Rick Wilson
3. Joe Caruana
1. Henryk Herbec 30.01 Km/h,14 laps
2. Paul Griffiths
3. Shane Dwyer
Well done to all riders who competed this morning and a big thank you to our dedicated volunteers.
Racing next week is our Team Time Trial – Secret Hcp at Seymour Avenel rd,
Three teams have already entered. So don’t miss out and get a team together and put an entry in before 11PM,Thursday 26 of January.