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Northern dominates race three of Tour

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Success for Northern riders across all grades saw us dominate race three of the Tour de Metro series against Eastern at Arthurs Creek on Saturday notching up 110 points to Eastern’s 69 to bring us back within 16 points of the overall points tally.

We had less riders on the day – 36 to Eastern’s 51 – but some outstanding racing saw Northern win the day. Podium finishes went to Tony Giuliano (1st) and Darren Roberts (3rd) in A grade; Tom McDonough (2nd) in B grade; Terry Hollibone (1st), Anthony Grech (2nd) and David Watts (3rd) in C grade; George Goodrope (1st), Michael Lavendar (2nd) and Nick Nomikos (3rd) in D grade; Stacey Hatton (2nd) and Jo Read (3rd) in E grade and Ian Buckingham (1st) in F grade.

Well done everyone – the points tally is now Eastern 274 to Northern 258 and the final result could go down to the wire in the last race at Yarra Glen next Saturday. Individual aggregate honours will also go down to the wire. Stacey Hatton leads the women’s table on 22 points with George Goodrope and Tony Giuliano (both on 21) in the top five in the mens.

We have Eastern worried – let’s make a big effort to get the numbers out at Yarra Glen on Saturday so we can bring the trophy home (even though we don’t have a home!)

Our thanks to Eastern for putting on a great competitive race and for letting us pilfer their presentation photos.