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New kit pre-orders now open

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We are grateful to Rob from Bzak Cycling who visited us at National Boulevard on Sunday with kit samples that we could try on for size.

The good news is that pre-orders for kit are now open via the Bzak Cycling website and will remain open until Sunday 23 February.

It is only during this time that you can take advantage of the Northern Cycling ‘Helmet Bundle’. This includes a Short Sleeve Jersey and Bib Knicks plus a helmet from club sponsors Flite Helmets and for the special one-off price of $250 (incl GST).

Orders will be collated over this period and a bulk order placed with the factory. The order will be delivered to Jo Read who will distribute to members. Freight will not apply to individual orders placed in the pre-order period. Please be sure to select the option ‘Pick up from Northern Cycling’ to avoid the freight charge.


1) If you would like to receive the NC gloves please order during the pre-order period as these are manufactured in bulk and Bzak cannot provide a one-off manufactured product after this period.

2) Once the pre-order period has elapsed (after 23 February) the store will remain open permanently so that members can order at any time. Bzak makes-to-order for you and aims to manufacture your kit within three weeks. Freight will then apply and your orders will be delivered directly to you.

3) Future helmet supply can be arranged directly via the Club as Bzak does not sell nor supply these helmets.

Here is the link to the Northern Cycling shop.