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National Blvd Results 12th Feb

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Racing this morning where at National Blvd with a downhill finish.
Congratulations to the following riders who finished in the top 3.
“A” 1. Brendon Scott 40.52 km/h average speed, 28 laps
2. Dean Turner
3. Shayne Kirby
“B” 1. Michael Williams 38.48 km/h, 24 laps
2. Garry Clively
3. Nick Nomikos
“C” 1. Matt Rice 36.99 km/h, 20 laps
2. Shane Templar
3. John Hasouras
“D” 1. Vince Sinni 31.28 km/h, 16 laps
2. Joe Caruana
3. Peter Ganss
“E” 1. Paul Griffiths 29.3 km/h, 13 laps
2. Luis Laguna
3. David Drew
Well done to all riders who competed this morning.
Also a huge thank you to all our terrific volunteers who make our racing possible!
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