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National Blvd 14th August 22

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This morning we had graded scratch races at National Blvd, which saw breakaways in ”A”, “C” and “D” grades.
Congratulations to the following winners:
“A” – Lewis Crofts 41.51 Km/h average speed, 29 laps
“B” – Gerrit Prent 36.67 Km/h, 23 laps
“C” – Dale Clune 36.41 km/h, 19 laps
“D” – Ian Schofield 32.73 Km/h, 16 laps
“E” – Michael Muscat 29 Km/h, 12 laps
Well done to all 45 riders who competed this morning and a big thank you to all our volunteers for making our races possible.