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Glen is 2019 Club Champ

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Congratulations to our 2019 men’s club champ Glen O’Rourke who won his first club championship race in damp conditions at Lancefield on Sunday, after placing third last year. Second place went to Steffan Goring and third Mark Seddon.

We would also like to acknowledge all our women riders who competed and congratulate: first Raelene Lesniowska , second Kellie Murphy and third Sandra Prosenica. The 2019 women’s club championship is decided on aggregate points at the end of the year.

This race is also the Club’s Age Championships and the Ian Brown Secret Handicap.

Age Champion results are:


35-39 years – Mark Seddon

40-44 years – Scott Blade

45-49 years – Glen O’Rourke

50-54 years – Wayne Brown (picked a good time with no Darren Roberts in this age group)

55-59 years – Brian Gray (new member)

60-64 years – John McKinnon

65-69 years – Trevor Redman (three- time club champion)

70-74 years –  George Goodrope (four in a row)

75-79 years – Tommy Gray

85-89 years –  Luis Laguna (fantastic achievement has moved up to 85-89)


40-44 years – Kellie Murphy (first age group medal)

50-54 years –  Raelene Lesniowska (first age group medal)

Congratulations to Lindsay Smyrk, the winner of the Ian Brown Secret Handicap, racing off 32 mins. Second place to Terry Hollibone (10 mins) and third Henryk Herbec (32 mins). Sandra Prosenica, also racing off 32 mins,came fourth.

Full results here.

Results for Club and Age championships are available on MyLaps on the link below.