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Eastern wins Tour de Metro

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Eastern Vets has won this year’s Tour de Metro four-race series, 403 points to 309, after outracing Northern in tough conditions at Yarra Glen on Saturday.

Numbers were down across all grades with the exception of C grade which saw a win to John ‘Shorty’ Short fresh from his Italian holiday and second place going to Anthony McCulloch.

Tony Giuliano (4th) placed best for Northern in A grade, new member George Micevski (2nd) in B grade and George Goodrope (4th) in D grade – George also finished 4th  in the men’s individual aggregate. In the lower grades it was left to Stacey Hatton (E) and Vice President Allison Watt (F) to fly the flag for Northern. Another win to Stacey saw her win the women’s individual award with 32 points, followed by Meredith Kelly-Smith (11) and Jo Read (8).

Well done to everyone who took part in the series and for getting into the spirit of the event. Thanks to Eastern for hosting the last two races and providing us with some competitive racing over the four weeks. We look forward to next year.

Full results on Eastern’s website