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COVID safe measures for first race of 2022

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As COVID case numbers soar by the day, the Committee has put a number of measures in place for crits at National Boulevard tomorrow (Sunday 9 Jan) for the first race of the year.

There will be no presentations after races have finished – all riders will be required to leave ASAP after their race has finished, riders in the prize money can pick up their envelope at the registration table and then leave.

All Northern Cycling members who have a kit consisting of a blue transponder, race number and graded cap will not be required to register at the registration table. Northern members and visiting riders will still be required to do a QR check-in, which it will be located on Chooka’s car across the road from registration.

If anyone needs to come to the registration table such as visiting riders, showing proof of double vaccination, picking up a blue transponder or making a payment, please wear your face mask, same applies for when you do your QR check in.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation during these difficult times.