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Balliang ITT & GSR Results

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A superb morning at Balliang for Northern Cycling ITT & GSR.
Congratulations to Anna Davis taking out the win against her age standard time and Anna also took out the women’s fastest time award, second in the overall was taken out by Joe Spano and third was James Ogilvie and James also took out the men’s fastest time award.
Well done to everyone who competed this morning and we hope you all enjoyed your racing.
A big thank you to all our volunteers for helping out and making this a great event.
Congratulations to all the following riders who featured on the podium.
Individual Time Trial Overall and Fastest Time
1.Anna Davis – 41.57 Km/h average speed & FT
2.Joe Spano – 43.17 Km/h
3. James Ogilvie – 44.78 Km/h & FT
ITT – Women
1.Anna Davis
2.Ivana Cichelli – 37.8 Km/h
3.Vanessa Goss – 33.13 Km/h
Graded Scratch Races
“A” Grade 3 Laps
1.James Ogilvie – 39.9 Km/h average speed
2.Adam Jones – 38.77 km/h
“B” Grade 3 Laps
1. Michael Hartman – 35.42 Km/h
2. Glenn Christensen – 35.42 Km/h
“C” Grade 2 Laps
1.Trevor Rim – 32.49 Km/h
2.Vanessa Goss – 32.49 Km/h
3.Terry Hollibone – 32.46 Km/h
“D” Grade 2 Laps
1.Amy Benham – 28.36 Km/h
2.Tanya Simpson – 27.96 Km/h
“E” Grade 2 Laps
1.Nina Crawford – 27.96 Km/h
2.Pamela Vandersluys – 27.91 Km/h
GSR Full Results and ITT times are on My Laps links below.
Note ITT age overall all placings against the age standard time will be published on our FB and club website when our handicapper Bruce Logan has completed the table,which will be sometime during the week.