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44th Northern Cycling Benghazi Handicap – Anzac Day 2024

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This year around 100 riders navigated a modified course under grey but thankfully dry skies.  Riders pulled out of Millers lane  and turned left into a blustery headwind and climbed to Newham before doing a a right turn onto Dons rd to commence 2 loops before returning to the usual McMasters lane finish line.

Also new this year was the change of registration and post ride presentation venue which was held at the  Bowls Club and the consensus was that this was a great success with the  post ride refreshments, bar facilities and barbecue greatly appreciated by those who returned for the presentations and raffle.

Large events like this requires a huge organisational effort from many people so massive thanks to all the helpers, corner marshals, first aiders and volunteers that helped make this the success that it was.  Special thanks in particular to Albert Rain that organised the permits, and planned the course variation necessitated  by the roadworks, pre race inspections, trophy and medals collection. Also special thanks to Bruce Logan for the timing and main handicapping duties and Faye Logan for registration.  Lastly thanks to all who rode fairly & safely such that we had an incident free race although there was one lucky rider that had a few broken spokes but managed to remain upright after a fellow riders merged into him with 5kms to go.

Huge thanks also to our long term sponsor Nick Nomikos (Top Tech Panels) who continues to generously support this famous race on Northerns calendar that attracts a huge following due to the large prize pool and competitive racing.

This year the 1st, 2nd & 3rd  scratch bunches worked well together in the windy conditions to overtake the rest of the field and dominate the top 10 places which is unusual in recent Benghazi races. Club captain Emilio Romano was the only Northern rider to make it into the top 10 places.

Congratulations to the winner and place getters for this years race:

1st Place –  Richard Younger (0:00) 

2nd Place – Robbie Hucker  (0:00)

3rd Place – Steven Drake (2:30min)

4th Place – Tim Canny (2:30min)

5th Place – Perre Pascal  (2:30min)

6th Place – Paul Brick (0:00)

7th Place – Kane Marks (2:30 min)

8th Place – Jason Hendry (2:30 min)

9th Place – Tim Sinclair (5:30 min)

10th Place – Emilio Romano (5:30 min)

Fastest Time – Richard Younger (0:00) 

1st Unplaced Lady – Emma Drake (22:00 min)

1st Unplaced Over 65 – Richard McCorkell (18:00 min)

Bunch winners

0:00 – Richard Younger – 1st (42.4km/h)

2:30 – Steven Drake – 3rd (41.5 km/h)

5:30 – Tim Sinclair – 9th (40.2 km/h)

8:30 –  Andrew Gannon – 13th (39.2 km/h)

12:00 – Simon Bell – 14th (38 km/h)

15:00 – Glen Grbesa – 17th (37 km/h)

18:00 – Craig Frost – 23rd (35.9 km/h)

22:00 – Ricardo D’Souza – 20th  (35 km/h)

27:00 – Liz Shackleton – 49th (33 km/h)

39:00 – Kaz McMurray – 40th (30.6 km/h)


2024 Benghazi Full Podium



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Race sponsor Nick Nomikos (left) Top Tech Panels with Craig Harvey post race


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Lancefield Bowls Club as Vince begins post race presentation


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Bowls Club looking backwards  during presentation with winner Richard Younger on left