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Zwift racing starting soon

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All you Zwifters out there who have been racing/riding in the virtual world during COVID lockdowns – now is your chance to represent Northern Cycling on Zwift.

Starting Wednesday 15 September at 6:30 EST AusCycling and Zwift will be conducting a six-round National Esports Series. These events are open to all our club members who will be able to score points for Northern.

All events in the series will be conducted in accordance with the AusCycling General and Esports Technical Regulations.

Shaun Francis has kindly taken on the role of organising our team so if you would like to be involved and represent Northern Cycling please contact him by Sunday night as he will need to put in team forms by Monday 13 September.

For Northern Cycling members to be in the running to compete against other clubs you need the following:

  • you will also need be an AusCycling paid member
  • if you haven’t been racing on Zwift you will need to have done a few Zwift races before next Wednesday so you know what Grade level you are
  • you will need a Zwift Power account and join the Northern Cycling Incorporated Club: https://zwiftpower.com/team.php?id=16307
  • contact Shaun and let him know you want to be involved!

There are four grades: A, B, C or D. Men and Women’s races will be conducted at the same time.

Riders will be able enter their correct grade based on your FTP (Functional Threshold Power) and weight, shown as watts per kilogram, as follows:

  • A Grade: 4.0W/kg or higher
  • B Grade: 3.2W/kg – 3.9W/kg
  • C Grade: 2.5W/kg – 3.1W/kg
  • D Grade: 1W/kg – 2.49W/kg
Event schedule

6:30pm AEST Wednesday 15  September  Crit City / Bell Lap (12 laps – Crit)

6:30pm AEST Wednesday 22 September  New York  / Knickerbocker (1 lap – Hilly)

6:30pm AEST Wednesday 29 September   Yumezi / Chain Chomper (2 laps – Gravel)

6:30pm AEDT Wednesday 6 October          Watopia / Watopia’s Waistband (1 lap – Flat)

6:30pm AEDT Wednesday 13 October        Watopia / Serpentine 8 (1 lap – MTB)

6:30pm AEDT Wednesday 20 October        Paris / Champs-Élysées (3 laps – Kermesse)

If you would like to find out more please click on the below link and have a read of some of the rules and eligibility! https://auscycling.org.au/page/esport-club-nationalseries

It would be great to see as many members as possible across all grades get involved.