N.V.C.A. Inc. Life Members

The Club may elect one member in any year who has rendered distinguished or special service to the Club to become a Life Member by resolution from the Committee. A nominee for Life Membership will have been a financial member of the Club for a continuous period of not less than 10 years. Life Members shall be exempt from any Club membership fees. VCV and AVCC fees still apply.

 Life Members
Ian Bishop
Colin Morris
Bruce Logan
Albert Rain
Ollie Kelly
David Cecchini
Ian Brown
Harry Tams
Mary Tams
Ian Finn
Jim Gleisner
Ken Haywood
Clem Healey
Merle Jamieson
Peter Lawrey
Ron Mitten
Rieter Mitten
John Stewart
Tom Stewart
William Sandilands
William Morris
Frank Lees
Norman Creed

Club Champions

Northern Cycling Club Champions date back to 1986 with current member Colin Morris having won the title on four occasions. The men’s club champion is decided in a handicap race held in Lancefield each May. This race is also run as a ‘secret handicap’ format where all riders start en masse and the ‘secret’ handicap they are given is calculated at the conclusion of the race to decide the winners and placegetters.
To be eligible to compete in the Club Championships you must have completed five club races in the previous 12 months. If you are a new member for that calendar year, you must have raced at least five time with the club.
Men’s Champions

1986 Greg Taube

1987 Norm Creed

1988 Roy Cue

1989 Greg Taube

1990 Kevin Armstrong

1991 Trevor Redman

1992 Charlie Fitzgerald

1993 Trevor Redman

1994 Wes Bielski

1995 Trevor Redman

1996 Ian Bishop

1997 Charlie Fitzgerald

1998 Russell Wallace

1999 Ron Woods

2000 Michael Sparke

2001 Colin Morris

2002 Colin Morris

2003 Colin Morris

2004 Michael Hartman

2005 Tom McDonough

2006 Tom McDonough

2007 Colin Morris

2008 Tom McDonough

2009 Paul Logan

2010 Paul Logan

2011 Paul Logan

2012 Kos Samaras

2013 Iain Clark and Michael Borowski (dead heat)

2014 Darren Roberts

2015 Michael Borowski

2016 Phil Bramich

2017 Darren Roberts

2018 Darren Roberts

2019 Glen O’Rourke

Women’s Champions

Since 2014, the women’s champion has been decided by points aggregated throughout the year.

2009 Catherine Camerlengo

2010 Sue Sharples

2011 Eliza Bergin

2012 Anne Roberts

2013 –

2014 Christine Foster

2015 Georgina Hasouras

2016 Jo Read

2017 Stacey Hatton

2018 Meredith Kelly

2019 Allison Watt