Club meetings

Club Committee meetings are held on monthly basis  throughout the year to discuss and report on all club activities and management.

The club has recently restructured its management and created several dedicated committees to manage club matters. All members are encouraged to be involved in the running of the club and offer their views on club matters and are welcome to join and participate in the committees and the general meetings.

All new members are encouraged to attend the meetings to meet the club’s committee and other club members.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting, for the election of office bearers, is held during our March Club Meeting. All members are invited to nominate.

Official Positions: Committees:
President Racing Appeal Committee
Vice President Racing Development Committee
Club Captain Club Development Committee
Race Handicapper
Assistant Handicapper
VCV Delegates
Presentation Night Coordinator


Northern Cycling’s annual presentation night, is held in November, is an important social event on our yearly calendar.

The presentation night includes meals, and is the annual function to award aggregate points winners for club scratch and handicap races as well as age championships and other awards.


The Australian Veteran Cycling Council Inc. (AVCC)

The AVCC is the umbrella organisation for veteran cycling within Australia, with affiliated bodies in all states. Each state body comprises of regional and local veteran clubs.

All clubs welcome riders from other AVCC affiliated cycling clubs to their races.  The AVCC is also affiliated with the International Cycling Federation, facilitating racing with overseas veteran cycling clubs.

Your AVCC licence (included in your annual membership fees) includes personal insurance cover, with the licence being due on the 1st January each year. Any rider holding n AVCC licence may participate with any affiliated veteran club within Australia.

The main event of the AVCC, the National Championships, is usually conducted in October or November with four days of racing, with each race being conducted in five year age groups.

For further info see the AVCC website

The Veterans Cycling Victoria Inc. (VCV)

The VCV is the controlling body of veteran cycling in Victoria. It comprises 11 affiliated veteran cycling clubs throughout Victoria, with a membership of more than 1200.  Each of the affiliated clubs provides delegates who make up the VCV Management Committee.

The VCV facilitates and assists the running of the Aggregate Points Competition in conjunction with each Club’s main handicap race (an ‘Open’). The yearly program for these Open Races is issued by the VVCC with each rider licence.

The VCV also conducts three age-based State Championships (Road Time Trial and Criterium), every year.

For further info see the VCV website