The following Extreme Weather Policy was endorsed by the Committee on 19 March 2018.

Races will be cancelled:

  • If the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts at 5pm on the Saturday before a race, temperatures of 38 degrees Celsius or above for the race venue
  • If the ambient temperature within one hour of the scheduled start time of the race reaches 38 degrees Celsius or greater.
  • If extreme weather conditions (eg, severe storm, hail, floods, extreme winds etc, resulting in a severe weather warning issued by the BoM) are forecast at 5pm on the Saturday before the race that may impact on rider safety
  • If a Total Fire Ban and bushfire warning is issued in accordance with the Country Fire Authority fire danger ratings is issued at 5pm on the Saturday prior to the race
  • If heavy rain is forecast at the race venue by the Bureau of Meteorology at 5pm on the Saturday before a race

The decision to cancel a race taking into account the above will be made by the Executive – President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive may consult with the head of the Race Committee, the Race Referee and the Event Manager to reach the decision.

Notification of changes to a race based on the forecast, will be posted on the club website and Facebook page by 7pm on the Saturday prior to a Sunday race. (However, the executive may still decide on Sunday morning to cancel or modify a race if weather conditions are deemed unsafe at the time.)